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History was written in the autumn of 1998. A group of artists and patrons of art passionate about watercolour got together to found the Finnish Watercolour Society. The Society became active the following year and the first national watercolour exhibition was held in 2001. The number of members has climbed to nearly 700. We must be doing something right.


The society was founded by

Visual Artist Raili Aaltio
Professor Lauri Ahlgrén
Visual Artis Marjatta Hanhijoki
Professor Olavi Hurmerinta
Ambassador Antti Lassila
Professor Tuomas Mäntynen
Visual Artist Osmo Nissinen
Architect Aarne Nuortila
Visual Artist Raili Pilhjerta
Professor Jorma Wartiovaara
Visual Artist Senja Vellonen
Visual Artist Osmo Visuri
Gallerist Pekka Wäinölä